We want to see changes:

  • Change in the spiritual forces behind this evil that seeks to destroy the lives of our children.

  • Change in cultural attitudes towards child abuse.

  • Change in the individual lives of adults who were victims of child abuse.

  • Change in the lives of children who are currently being abused.


What's Next?

The first step to a lasting change is through prayer. On Sunday after Halloween we invite the churches to join us in prayer for the abused children of Colombia. We invite all the churches of all the denominations in all Colombia, to be united declaring that the abuse has to stop!




Many children in Colombia are being sexually abused. For some families, the abuse of children is seen as normal. Elsewhere, children have become part of the sex tourism trade, betrayed by those who should be there to protect them.

But child abuse is not normal and leads to a generation of injured adults and destroyed families. As a church in Colombia, we declare that the abuse has to stop. When we hear about these atrocities, it forces us to act on them to help the most vulnerable members of our society. Is there not a cause? (1 Samuel 17:29). We must fight against this giant of sexual abuse. It is time for the churches in Colombia to act.


The Campaign

Join with your church and other believers to pray against child sexual abuse: that it will be exposed to the light and brought to an end.

Many churches will do it on Sunday, November 4, 2018. Use this prayer.

Show people that you are against sexual abuse. In the last week of October, put something on that shows that you are against child sexual abuse. We have produced some silicone bracelets that you can buy, otherwise, be creative, and make something to wear as a statement against child abuse!

Share with people everything about the campaign; use social media, email, or telephone. Or simply talk to people and tell them about the campaign. Let's gather as many people as possible, and change this nation!

1 Pray

2 Demonstrate

2 Share

Pray with us

Suggested prayer

Heavenly Father, we come to you today with heavy hearts, joining with our brothers and sisters across Colombia to pray for our children. We confess that as a nation, many of our children have been abused and yet we have at times turned a blind eye. Today we declare that the abuse needs to STOP NOW.

We pray for change in our nation. We thank you  for those who are working with children who are being abused, and pray that you will give them wisdom and words of healing. We pray for children who are being abused that you will stop the abuse and surround them with your love. We pray for adults who were abused as children that you will heal them from the silent pain they have suffered and free them from the trauma of their past.

We pray for the government and authorities in Colombia as they take a stand against these evils, that you will give them wisdom and allow their strategies to succeed. We declare that the abuse of children will never be seen as normal or acceptable in any part of our society. Now Lord have mercy on us, break this curse from our nation and allow the good news of your Gospel to be told to the next generation that they may find peace in you.

In Jesus' name.